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Guide Dogs for the Blind is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1942.  With its extensive teamwork of staff, volunteers and donors they are able to empower lives by creating exceptional partnerships between people, dogs and communities.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is more than an industry-leading guide dog school, it is a passionate community that serves the visually impaired. With exceptional client services and a robust network of trainers, puppy raisers, donors and volunteers, they prepare highly qualified guide dogs to serve and empower individuals who are blind or have low vision. All of the services are provided free of charge without government funding.

Guide Dogs for the Blind has two campuses: one is headquartered in San Rafael, California, another in Boring, Oregon.


Puppy Raising is one of the many programs Guide Dogs for the Blind has and is truly a life-changing and rewarding experience.  Once a Puppy Raiser you will receive your puppy at approximately eight weeks old, and he/she will return for formal training between 13 and 15 months old. Puppy raisers are responsible for teaching their puppies good manners and basic obedience. You can have other pets in your home and if you are not able to commit to raising a puppy fulltime, there are still other ways to get involved with your local puppy club, such as puppy sitting. And, GDB’s puppy raising program complements many FFA, 4H, home schooling, high school, and college programs. All ages can participate in puppy raising, however primary puppy raisers must be at least 9 years of age.

Puppy raisers receive continuous support and guidance. They typically join local puppy raising clubs, where they gather with other GDB puppy raisers to share ideas and information, work on puppy training techniques, and participate in socialization outings. Puppy raisers are also invited to attend our graduation ceremonies and formally present the dogs they raised to their new partners.

If you live in San Diego County, and would like more information about becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser contact Guide Dogs for the Blind to complete their interest form.  Once processed you will be put in contact with your local Puppy Raising group.

“Raising a puppy can be one of those life changing moments.  To see a bundle of fur and energy grow to a mature working dog and become a mobility partner is a moment I treasure” – Cathy Capone (raised 9 puppies)

“Once you start, sometimes it is hard to stop.  It’s sort of like chips, you open the bag to have one and before you know it you ate the whole bag.” – Donna Rindskopf (raised 31 puppies)