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The San Diego Fun Day has been an annual event held at the Oceanside Elementary School for the past 25 years, and now held in downtown San Diego.

It is produced by three Puppy Raiser groups in San Diego County.


The bond of a raiser and their puppy is undeniable.  It is one that lasts a life time.  When a working guide sees their raiser for the first time after being recalled, the excitement and joy of their puppy is overwhelming.


It is important that puppies be exposed to different situations and conditions, including surfaces and moving platforms.  As guides they have to be well conditioned to anything they might experience with their partner.


Everyone we meet is amazed at how well behaved our puppies are.  It is not all without hard work, but it is essential that our puppies are under control and calm.  If a dog is distracted and not paying attention then they will not be ready to work when needed.

A Fun Day event is for puppies in training to become guide dogs, and their handlers or puppy raisers.  There are different stations that test the puppies behavior, obedience, and temperament.  Plus it tests the handling skills of their puppy raiser for timing, consistency and praise.  It is an exiting environment to learn where your puppy might need some more training, or where you puppy is doing extremely well.