Port of San Diego

If you’ve spent time along the tidelands of San Diego Bay, did you know you were enjoying the state lands entrusted to the Port of San Diego? The Port of San Diego was created by the state Legislature to manage San Diego Bay and surrounding waterfront land on December 18, 1962.

The Port of San Diego is the fourth largest of the 11 ports in California.

The port oversees two maritime cargo terminals, two cruise ship terminals, 22 public parks, the Harbor Police Department and the leases of hundreds of tenant and sub tenant businesses around San Diego Bay.

The Port of San Diego is an economic engine, an environmental steward of San Diego Bay and the surrounding tidelands, and a provider of community services and public safety.

As part of efforts to support a vibrant and active waterfront, the Port of San Diego offers sponsorship to community organized events through the Tidelands Activation Program. This annual grant program supports events, large and small, that engage the community and inspire visitors to enjoy San Diego Bay.

Guide Dogs for the Blind and the San Diego County Guide Dog Puppy Raising Clubs wish to acknowledge and thank the Port of San Diego for its continued support of our San Diego Guide Dog Fun Day through the Tidelands Activation Program.

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