The San Diego Fun Day is not only an event for Puppies in Training and their handlers, it can be enjoyed by our Career Change puppies as well.  Although you will not be able to take your CC’d dog through the various stations, you can still bring them so they can remember what it used to be like.  Our puppies are so used to going out with us everywhere, you have to wonder if they miss it.  We think bringing your CC’d dog to an event with other GDB puppies brings a sparkle to their eye.

If you are bringing more than one Career Change puppy with you, please complete another CC’d registration form and add it to your cart.

  • Only puppies 4 months and older are allowed to attend.
  • Lunches and Designated Parking are ordered separately.

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  • Register your Career Change dog(s).
  • Lunches and designated parking ordered separately.


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